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Unlabeled Soaps by
the Loaf

You may wish to purchase your soaps by the loaf to stock up for yourself, or to re-sell at a profit. These loaves are being offered at wholesale prices, saving you about 30% over the per-bar price.

Each 3 lb. loaf is pre-cut into nine 1" thick 3"x3" bars, each weighing 5 to 5.3 ounces. Each loaf contains nine bars, all alike.

Take the Lead Store soap loaves weigh 3 pounds and are pre-cut into nine 5-5.3 oz bars.

Loaves are available in nine goat milk soaps and 24 regular soaps. View all 33 soaps and scent descriptions here.

Contact me for wholesale pricing for these loaves. I'm looking forward to working with you!

For individual bar soaps and/or a fabulous bamboo soap tray, click here.


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